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Motcomb’s Simple E-2 Visa Program

Motcomb is a team of veterans of the E-2 Visa industry, with an investment board consisting of business, legal and political heavyweights

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A Modern E-2 Investment Immigration Program, Made Easy

Get access to an easy-to-implement E-2 program will allow you to get your visa as quickly as possible.

Minimum Investment
4-5 years
Estimated Annual IRR*
Customized solutions

Motcomb specializes in bespoke E-2 solutions that address your most pressing needs

We get your visa as quickly as possible so you can travel to the US

Our experts center your E-2 investment around the priority of you getting to the United States as soon as possible. We also prioritize meeting all E-2 requirements so you can renew your visa when the time comes.

We manage your business while you’re still a majority owner

You don’t want to work in your business. You don’t even want to work on your business. Your goal is the visa, not creating a job for yourself. Motcomb manages business operations while you enjoy majority ownership.

We’re licensed and have dozens of years of experience

We are neither an agent nor an intermediary. Motcomb itself and its sister companies have licenses in the jurisdictions of our portfolios, and investment opportunities.

We have innovative E-2 solutions to allow you to get your principal returned as quickly and securely as possible

Motcomb finds top-performing investment opportunities so you see the fast return of your principal.


Benefits of an E-2 Visa


Who is eligible for an E-2 visa?

Unmarried children under 21 years old

Step-by-step process to get started with an E-2 project through Motcomb

Set up a free consultation
Invest in one of our innovative & bespoke E-2 projects
Receive your visa
See returns and renew your E-2 Visa or upgrade to other residency opportunities

Set up a free consultation

Click the “contact us” button in the upper right corner of your screen where you can schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced team members.


Invest in one of our innovative & bespoke E-2 projects

With Motcomb, you don’t have to start a new business, worry about hiring employees, manage the operations of the business, or anything else that comes with being a traditional business owner. Motcomb helps you create an LLC, gets you set up as a majority owner of a turnkey business operation, and then Motcomb manages the business on your behalf, ensuring that it meets E-2 Visa requirements.


Receive your visa

You’ll receive a visa without having to travel to the US. You’ll receive it from your home country’s consulate and allows you to immediately travel to the USA.


See returns and renew your E-2 Visa or upgrade to other residency opportunities

Under the E-2 Visa, you can continuously renew as long as you’re meeting the necessary requirements. Or, if it aligns with your unique situation, Motcomb can work on your behalf to get you a green card through one of our bespoke EB-5 programs.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most common questions we hear about our E-2 Investment Immigration program

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